Plan to make better decisions

Forecast your business and model scenarios in real-time with Projected's financial tools for founders.


Be ready for challenges

Start-up companies tend to throw out the unexpected. That's why so many people enjoy working in them. Us included!

Projected allows Founders to plan for any number of eventualities, ensuring the business can meet them head on. 


Here’s all the good stuff

Intelligent Builder

Guides you through the numbers that matter

Visual Dashboard

See instantly where your business is and where it can go

Update and Model

Unlimited flexibility for scenario planning


Coming soon: Real-time updates and automation via integrations.


What our customers say

"Cutting countless hours out of building forecasts in Excel through an easy UX / UI experience."

“'ve created a fantastic solution for a big problem = winner. Projected will save founders & finance nerds like me a ton of time and money ”

“A great tool for projecting your cash flow at such an early critical stage of the businesses.”

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Founder without a finance background


Designed for non-financial founders


Build sensible business models that work

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Finance pro in a early-stage start-up


Powerful, intuitive, and connected 


Model multiple scenarios and plan the future


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Need clarification?

What is Projected?

Projected is a forecasting and planning tool for founders. Its intelligent software allows founders to model future outcomes and create business scenarios empowering them to better decisions in their business.

Can't I just use a spreadsheet?

You could, but you’d also need to get to grips with accountancy, formulas and even {shudder} vlookups and index functions. Do you have the time to do that?

Can I get a discount?

We’re in beta right now so feel free to sign-up and take advantage of the offers we’ll be sending your way.

When will the full version of Projected be ready?

We’re inviting early-stage users onto the platform to give us their warts and all opinions and will be adding features on an ongoing basis.

How much “financial” knowledge do I need?

None, Projected is built with non-financial founders in mind, but can just as easily be used by pros as well.

Take Control of your Business